5 Compelling reasons why you should train in France with Alpine Paragliding


Haute Provence enjoys better than 300 flyable days each year. This, together with our unique weather guarantee and small group sizes means that you can expect to progress more rapidly through the Pilot Rating System (PRS) and return home fully qualified.

Cost Effective

We offer 6 or 12 day courses not the more usual 5 or 10 days offered by our competitors, that's 20% more training and 20% more flying for your money so you are far more certain to complete the required tasks.

Experienced Instructors

We are manned by Professional British Instructors who have been living and instructing full time in the area since 1993 not just running the odd course here now and again. We know the sites well and there are no language issues. We are fully legal here in France and unlike most UK Instructors after March, do not require a work permit in order to train legally here.

Priced in Pounds

Our course, holiday and equipment packages are priced competitively and in Pounds so you won't have to buy lots of expensive Euros at currently poor exchange rates. We can accept various currencies should you be joining us from outside the UK as many clients do.

Better Value Accommodation

Our 45 Euro a night accommodation package is not just B&B, but also includes your starter hamper of food. We additionally offer a super camping based budget package and various self-catering options for couples and families who want to look after themselves.

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