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CP Completion Course Overview

Paragliding is a great sport but the frustration often suffered by enthusiastic new EP pilots desperately trying to get through the pilot rating system to CP is almost palpable. If it is not the "good old" British weather that causes delay after delay it is the problem of finding a paragliding school that isn't booked solid, trying to shift their backlog of students. Here in France we offer CP completion courses at La Motte du Caire, in the Alpes de Haute Provence, where it is normally flyable and the sun shines most of the time. Once you have completed all the required tasks you can sit your BHPA CP/Novice exam on the spot and return home a qualified CP Pilot.

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CP completion courses Top landing area

The CP Course

This course is all about airtime. We fly every day building up the hours and experience you need to paraglide safely with other pilots. Our sites are not crowded and are perfect for soaring and completing all the manoeuvres needed including your deflations, slow flying, top and spot landings. We expect you to study each evening for about 30 minutes in order to grasp the theory needed to pass the CP exam once all your tasks are completed. We aim to give you experience of 3 different sites during your stay to give a better understanding of flying conditions as they vary from place to place.

5 compelling reasons to complete CP in France with Alpine Paragliding Centre

We are a BHPA paragliding school operated by Senior Instructors with years of alpine flying experience and an excellent safety record, so you can be sure that the instruction you receive will be of the highest quality available.

We use radio communications to facilitate "realtime" instruction and video for briefing and debriefing students as needed - you can even take a video copy home with you if you wish.

Thermalling in light conditions - click to activate video

Once you have completed the tasks and made it to BHPA CP/Novice level we continue flying with any remaining time, to ensure that you gain as much airtime as possible during your stay with us. An average EP pilot, in a week might normally expect to get about 8 - 15 hours of soaring, depending, of course upon the individual pilots ability and the prevailing conditions. How long will it take for you to get that much soaring in the UK?

Once you have completed this course you can come back to us, learn thermalling and work towards gaining the hours needed for Pilot rating.

Club Pilot Course Only Prices

EP or CP Completion course (A full 6 days*) £525.00 inc equipment hire

Full Beginner to CP course (13 days**) £845.00 inc equipment hire

Or if you already have your own equipment:

EP or CP Completion course (A full 6 days*) £460.00 using own equipment

Full Beginner to CP course (13 days**) £725.00 using own equipment

* Many offer 5 day courses compared to our 6 days - compare like with like

*12 flying days - Saturday off/ change over day

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Accommodation options

We also accept payment in other currencies

Day clinic 120 Euros/day

Paraglider hire 100 Euros 1 week - 150 Euros 2 weeks - 45 Euros/day

Radio hire 60 Euros/week - 25 Euros/day

CP Completion courses

We have sites for all wind directions and suitable for top landing

Once the CP tasks are finished we continue flying to give you as much airtime as possible during your course

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What our clients say

"CP plus 6 hours airtime, love it" Noel W - Glasgow

" To finally complete CP is magic. Been trying for ages in UK - see you next year" June P - Southampton

"Great course, great group, Ill be back" Pete A - Manchester

" What an amazing place to fly" Richard J - Aus

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