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Pilot development and Thermalling
Course Overview

Many CP Pilots find difficulty in gaining airtime, experience and confidence to master the skills needed to make the transition to flying in a club environment. Those first few climbs up to cloudbase can seem like a long way away. In Britain it is often very difficult to find conditions suitable for thermal flying so getting those first XC's can take a long time. Here in the Alpes de Haute Provence thermic conditions are the daily norm for most of the year so gaining that hard to find experience can easily be acheived with the help of experienced BHPA instructors who fly thermals almost every day.

Paragliding France - Thermalling courses

We make full use of the available technology as teaching aids - CompGPS and Google Earth are used to brief and de-brief flights and to examine in close detail decisions made during thermalling and XC flights.

The Thermalling Course

Again this is a practical course packed with flying. We aim to fly thermals every day and to work with you towards achieving some XC flights of around 20 - 30k whilst under full radio instruction from ground and air as required. We try to tailor the instruction to suit each students specific requirements but as a guide we cover the following.

Introduction to XC flying
Thermal sources/triggers etc.
How to use thermals effectively
Finding 1st and 2nd thermals
Thermal soaring techniques
Rapid descent/basic instability techniques
Flying safely with other pilots
Coping with rough air/active flying
Gaining airtime for Pilot rating
Tasks and flights for Pilot rating

5 good reasons to Thermal in France with Alpine Paragliding Centre

Laragne is world famous for high altitude long distance flying and the climate here in the Alpes de Haute Provence is perfect for paragliding at all levels. Even in winter no other region in Europe offers such reliable thermalling and XC conditions.

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Thermalling Course Only Prices

1 week course (A full 6 days*) £525.00 inc equipment hire

2 week course (13 days**) £845.00 inc equipment hire

If you have your own equipent

1 week Course (A full 6 days*) £460.00 using own equipment

2 week Course (13 days**) £725.00 using own equipment

* Many offer 5 day courses compared to our 6 days - compare like with like

*12 flying days - Saturday off/ change over day

We also accept payment in other currencies

Day clinic 120 Euros/day

Paraglider hire 100 Euros 1 week - 150 Euros 2 weeks - 45 Euros/day

Radio hire 60 Euros/week - 25 Euros/day

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Buying a new paraglider?

Top thermalling sites.
Here in Provence we have some of Europe's best themalling sites. This and our Mediterranean climate enable you to maximise your time with us.

Thermalling courses in Provence
"Bit scary at first but amazing to get to cloudbase" Charlie K - London
"Best distance, best height gain, longest flight all in one trip" Stephen T - Devizes
"What a trip - Ill be iback next year" Harry Mc - NZ
Thermalling courses

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